Apres Ski in Selva Wolkenstein Sella Ronda

... directly at the ski slopes of Selva

There’s nothing better than perfect slopes in the early morning! Soft snow, crystal clear air, all the landscape glitters under the first sunbeams and it’s cold, brrr….terribly cold! Time for a bit of warmth at La Stua, isn’t it? A hot Bombardino would be right the thing for a good start in the day!

Off you go! Up the hills, enjoy the gorgeous panorma, the first sun and the perfectly prepared slopes…. Maybe we see each other for lunch time again: come and have a savoury goulash soup on our sun terrace directly on the Sellaronda!

And then: skis back on, ski poles at hand, the whistle of the wind in the ears and up again to dash down on the numerous slopes. But even the best of days draws to an end, the last run takes you down to the village centre again and the Apres Ski La Stua is the right place for you: enjoy a fresh beer, some good music and the merry atmosphere.

If you stay in Selva overnight, you can just step into a taxi at late an hour directly in front of our house and come back the next day happy and relaxed.... simply ideal!